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Amanda Palmer & The Dresden Dolls Music Video collection An exclusive, compilation of original videos. The ultimate Collection! Includes all the videos from Who Killed Amanda Palmer DVD. 2008/9

Widescreen Entertainment!

Available for worldwide use



The Dresden Dolls

1 Good Day

2 Girl Anachronism

3 Coin Operated Boy

4 Sing (The Alternate Cut)

5 Sing (Chapter II / Original)

6 Backstabber

7 Backstabber - Dresden Dolls VS Panic! At The Disco

8 Shores of California

9 Night Reconnaissance

Amanda Palmer

10 Astronaut

11 Ampersand

12 Runs In The Family

13 Point Of It All

14 Strength Through Music

15 Guitar Hero

16 Another Year (Credits)

17 Everybody's Gotta Live (Epilogue)

18 Oasis

19 Leeds United

20 Blake Says

21 What's the Use of Won'drin' -Amanda Palmer & Vermilion Lies

22  Have to Drive (Live)

23 János vs Wonderland - Tristan Allen & Amanda Palmer

24 Map Of Tasmania

25 On An Unknown Beach DVD Runtime



1 In My Mind

2 No Surprises

3 Polly - Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra

4 Want It Back

5 The Killing Type

6 “Do It With a Rockstar” - Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra

7 The Bed Song - Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra

8 1952 Vincent Black Lightning - Jack  Amanda Palmer

9 Laura - Amanda Palmer and Brendan Maclean

10 Wynken, Blynken and Nod - Jack & Amanda Palmer

11 The Angel Gabriel (postcard from havana)

12 Floating In A Cocktail Glass

13 Beyond the Beach - Amanda Palmer & Edward Ka Spel

14 The Clock At The Back Of The Cage - Amanda Palmer and Edward Ka-Spel

15 Grown Man Cry

16 In Harm's Way

17 Mother - Amanda Palmer & Jherek Bischoff

18 The Mess Inside - Amanda Palmer, Sxip Shirey & Rachel Jayson ft Coco Karol

19 Judy Blume

20 Pulp Fiction - Amanda Palmer & Edward Ka-Spel

21 Mr. Weinstein Will See You Now - Amanda Palmer & Jasmine Power

22 Electric Blanket - Amanda Palmer & Jason Webley

23 Voicemail For Jill

24 Drowning In The Sound

25 The French Brexit Song - Amanda Palmer, Sarah-Louise Young & Maxim Melton

0.2:04:00 DVD Runtime


NOTES1: Although every care has been taken to offer great quality DVDs, some of the videos remain VHS quality.

NOTES2: Most of the videos in this collection are explicit and for mature viewers only.

NOTES3: The watermark is only on the display photo, not on your DVD.


An exclusive creation by: Sound Fracass Music Vision ©2020

These are continuous play DVDs giving you uninterrupted entertainment.

UK seller based in Alicante. Ships daily.

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Amanda Palmer & The Dresden Dolls Music Video Box-Set 2 DVDs

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