BabyMetal Music Video DVD An exclusive, compilation of original videos Widescreen Entertainment! Enhanced and upscaled with AI to 2k for an exceptional viewing experience

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1 Doki Doki Morning

2 Line!

3 Head Bangya!!

4 Babymetal Death

5 No More Bullying

6 Megitsune

7 Gimme chocolate!!

8 Road of Resistance - Live in Japan

9 Karate

10 The One

11 Revolution - Awadama Fever (Live)

12 Distortion

13 Starlight

14 Tattoo (Live)

15 No Rain, No Rainbow (Live)

16 Pa Pa Ya!! - ft F. Hero

17 Elevator Girl (English ver. Live)

18 Shanti Shanti Shanti

19 Da Da Dance - ft. Tak Matsumoto

20 BxMxC

0:1:27:00 DVD runtime


A creation by: Sound Fracass Music Vision ©2022 Exclusive Home Entertainment


This is a continuous play DVD giving you uninterrupted entertainment.

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BabyMetal Music Video Collection DVD

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  • Kawaii metal, heavy metal, J-pop, power metal, alternative metal