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My Chemical Romance Music Video DVD An exclusive, compilation of original videos.

Widescreen Entertainment!

Available for worldwide use


1 Vampires Will Never Hurt You

2 Honey This Mirror Isnt Big Enough For The Two Of Us

3 I'm Not Okay (I Promise) (Version1)

4 I'm Not Okay (I Promise) (Version2)

5 Thank You For The Venom [Live From Mexico City]

6 Cemetery Drive [Live From Mexico City]

7 Disenchanted [Live From Mexico City]

8 It's Not A Fashion Statement, It's A Fucking Deathwish [Live From Mexico City]

9 The Jetset Life Is gonna Kill You [Live From Mexico City]

10 You Know What They Do To guys Like Us In Prison [Live From Mexico City]

11 Helena

12 The Ghost Of You

13 Welcome To The Black Parade

14 Famous Last Words

15 Welcome to the Black Parade (Video Version outtakes. 24 Mins)

16 I Don't Love You

17 Teenagers

18 Desolation Row

19 Na Na Na

20 Sing

21 Art Is The Weapon

22 Planetary (GO!)

23 Sing It for Japan

24 House Of Wolves   Live from LA Killjoys Make Some Noise

25 The Only Hope For Me Is You [Live In Valencia MTV]

26 This How I Disappear [Live From Hoboken]

27 The Kids From Yesterday

28 'Fake Your Death'

29 Blood

30 Every Snowflake is Different (just like you)

31 A summoning

A summoning Time stamps

0:10 Mikey’s glasses and inhaler from I'm not ok

0:23 Guitar!!! (Frank's)

0:27 eye from danger days mailbox

0:41 cup NJ Dept. Corrections (they're from new jersey)

0:49 of course the ICONIC jackets!!

1:11 black parade gas mask

1:13 bullets vinyl playing Romance

1:37 deceased family members of the band, and crew including old tour manager (set up like Mexican offrenda)

Also our lady of sorrows of offrenda

1:50 references to fans summoning meme

2:17 sigil is code for My Chemical Romance

2:26 Run (Keep Running. Danger days)

2:37 don’t think the draculoid's need a timestamp, but there ya go

2:48 MCRs new logo

2:55 Hotel Bella Muerte

3:07 medic helmet (the ghost of you)

3:11 saints protect her now (other lyrics but I can’t read them all)

3:21 tv screen(the ghost of you)

3:34 vampires will never hurt you (yeah right..)

3:40 Wavy psychedelic overlay (reference to early drug use?)

3:51 die in the desert (desert song/killjoy's demise) (seriously if someone could decipher the graffiti, I'd be super grateful)

3:54 starved to death a land of plenty

4:15 tower tarot card (sudden change, rude awakening, band was established just after 9/11. Tarot card might represent first album)

4:28 church from helena

4:57 Demolition lovers from bullets (album art, beautifully done)

5:13 Helena (the cuts the editor makes looks EXACTLY like in the original music video)

4:39 pamphlet (helena music video)

6:05 fire at will matchbox (thank you for the venom!!)

6:13 reference to the beginning of The End!

6:53 ink blot (Rorscach from watchmen, Desolation  Row)

5:53 Witnessing the story of the black parade from the outside. (In the music video the walls fall down and he's whisked away to the other worldly plane. Our summoner yanks the blanket, but the soul is already gone)

5:53 also reference for this is how I disappear

7:06 wand tarot card (illumination, inspiration, pure potential. Reference to danger days album?)

7:56 half sun symbol

8:01 falls out of killjoy car, nanana playing (again, hes just missed the action)

8:28 They don’t even noticed him and almost run him over (or on purpose?)

8:35 croquet

9:02 moon symbol

9:07 explosion (nanana lyric pull the pin let this world explode, metaphor for them reuniting?)

9:27 the summoners save our friend (a metaphor for the sheer will of the fans? Definitely reference to upcoming album theme)

10:27 lines symbol on door (phantom forever, their first EP Like Phantoms Forever)

10:47 then symbols on board (spelling New Jersey)

10:52 yes (HAH)

11:28 Forum (venue in California)

11:33 phantom forever symbol again

12:44 The black parade IS dead

12:52 But so are the draculoid's

0:2:26:00 DVD runtime


This is a continuous play DVD giving you uninterrupted entertainment.

UK seller based in Alicante. Ships daily.

If you are not satisfied with this product, 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.


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My Chemical Romance Music Video DVD

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