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1 Heartbreaker (Live)

2 We Live For Love (Live)

3 I Need A Lover (Live)

4 Rated X

5 I'm Gonna Follow You

6 You Better Run

7 Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Live)

8 Treat me Right (Live)

9 Fire And Ice

10 Promises In The Dark

11 Precious Time

12 Shadows Of The Night

13 Little Too Late

14 Looking For A Stranger

15 Anxiety (Get Nervous)

16 Lipstick Lies

17 Love Is A Battlefield

18 We Belong

19 Painted Desert

20 Ooh Ooh Song

21 Invincible

22 Red Vision  (Live)

23 Sex As A Weapon

24 Le Bel Age

25 All Fired Up

26 Don't Walk Away

27 One Love

28 True Love (Live)

29 Somebody's Baby

30 Girl - (Summer Vacation, USA, 2001)

31 Out Of The Ruins - (Summer Vacation, USA, 2001)

32 Shine

33 Dancing Through the Wreckage (Motion Picture Served Like a Girl)

02:22:00 DVD Runtime


NOTES: All videos have been optimized with lossless widening and rendered conversion to HD, however the quality remains VHS.


This is a continuous play DVD giving you uninterrupted entertainment.

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Pat Benatar Music Video DVD

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