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1 Dress (Live)

2 Sheela-Na-Gig

3 50Ft Queenie

4 Man-Size

5 Down By The Water

6 C'mon Billy

7 Send His Love To Me

8 Henry Lee - Nick Cave and PJ Harvey

9 That Was My Veil - John Parish, PJ Harvey

10 Is That All There Is - John Parish & Polly Jean Harvey

11 Ballad Of The Soldier's Wife

12 A Perfect Day Elise

13 The Wind

14 Good Fortune

15 A Place Called Home

16 This Is Love

17 Crawl Home - PJ Harvey & Josh Homme

18 Who The Fuck

19 The Letter

20 You Come Through

21 Shame

22 When Under Ether

23 evol

24 The Piano

25 Black Hearted Love - PJ Harvey, John Parish

26 Let England Shake

27 The Last Living Rose

28 The Glorious Land

29 The Words That Maketh Murder

30 All And Everyone

31 On Battleship Hill

32 England

33 In The Dark Places

34 Bitter Branches

35 Hanging In The Wire

36 Written On The Forehead

37 The Colour Of The Earth

38 The Wheel

39 The Community Of Hope

40 The Orange Monkey

41 The Camp - PJ Harvey and Ramy Essam

42 An Acre of Land - PJ Harvey and Harry Escott

0:2:27:00 DVD Runtime


NOTES: All videos have been optimised with lossless widening and rendered conversion to HD, however the quality of some of the videos remains VHS.


This is a continuous play DVD giving you uninterrupted entertainment.

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PJ Harvey Music Video DVD Collector’s Edition

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