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1 'Break My Heart (You Really)'

2 'Heroine'

3 'You're History'

4 Sacred Heart (Beyond The Groove Version)

5 'Run Silent'

6 'Dirty Mind'

7 'Goodbye Cruel World'

8 'Catwoman'

9 'Hello (Turn Your Radio On)'

10 'I Don't Care'

11 'Stay'

12 'My 16th Apology'

13 'I Can Drive'

14 'She's Lost Control' - Agent Provocateur And Shakespears Sister

15 'Bad Blood'

16 'Pulsatron'

17 'Bitter Pill'

18 'It's A Trip' (version2 2009)

19 'I'll Be Your Mirror'

20 'Heroine' 2010

21 'It's A Trip' (Version1 2010)

22 'Someone Else's Girl'

23 All The Queen's Horses

24 When She Finds You - Ft. Richard Hawley

Remixes & Mixes

25 'Break My Heart (You Really)' Remix

26 'You're History' (Brothers In Rhythm Remix for DMC)

27 'Run Silent' (Run Deep Mix)

28 'Stay' (Andre Betts Mix)

29 'She's Lost Control' (Spektrum Remix) - Agent Provocateur And Shakespears Sister

30 'Pulsatron' Remix

31 'It's A Trip' (Remix 2010)

32 RikkiRok Megamix

0:2:15:00 DVD Runtime


NOTES: All videos have been optimised with lossless widening and rendered conversion to HD, however the quality of some of the videos remains VHS.

This is a continuous play DVD giving you uninterrupted entertainment.

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Shakespear's Sister Music Video DVD

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