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Within Temptation and Metropole Orchestra got together to create a musical masterpiece


The gothic rock band "Within Temptation" stages their most ambitious concert to date at Rotterdam's Ahoy Arena in Feb 2008. Dubbed 'Black Symphony', the band performed to 10,000 fans with the 60-piece Metropole Orchestra, a 20-voice classical choir and special guests Keith Caputo (Life Of Agony) and Anneke van Giersbergen (The Gathering).

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NOTE: This is a 1 DVD concert only, NO extras.



00:00 - "Overture"

06:30 - "Jillian (I'd Give My Heart)"

12:20 - "The Howling"

18:50 - "Stand My Ground"

23:23 - "The Cross"

28:34 - "What Have You Done" (with Keith Caputo)

33:37 - "Hand of Sorrow"

39:22 - "The Heart of Everything"

45:11 - "Forgiven"

50:02 - "Somewhere" (with Anneke van Giersbergen)

54:29 - "The Swan Song"

58:29 - "Memories"

1:02:32 - "Our Solemn Hour"

1:07:48 - "The Other Half (Of Me)" (with George Oosthoek)

1:12:51 - "Frozen"

1:17:20 - "The Promise"

1:25:38 - "Angels"

1:29:50 - "Mother Earth"

1:35:39 - "The Truth Beneath the Rose"

1:43:19 - "Deceiver of Fools"

1:50:55 - "All I Need"

1:55:56 - "Ice Queen"

0.2:06.33 DVD Runtime


A creation by: Sound Fracass Music Vision ©2023 Exclusive home Entertainment


This is a continuous play DVD giving you uninterrupted entertainment.

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Within Temptation Black Symphony Concert DVD

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  • Symphonic metal, alternative metal, gothic metal, doom metal

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